Tools for Coffee Table Decor

Ever feel the urge to spruce up your living space but, wasn't quite sure where to begin? There are many areas that could serve as a starting point. We suggest beginning the "revamp" of your living space with a small area: A side table or coffee table. Though they might seem insignificant to some, an accent table can bring an entire space together. There are numerous styles of coffee tables in today's home furnishings market to choose from that can bring your ideal living space to fruition (P.S., UHM has the best selections to choose from). It is best to choose an area table that best reflects the atmosphere and surrounding decor of the particular room.

With your table serving as one of the focal point's in a room, it cannot stand alone. DECOR! DECOR! DECOR! Decor is the answer to bringing about personality to your area. Decor is a fun way to not only reflect your interiors, but you as a person. Would you include a distressed wooden lantern as a decor accessory in your home or more likely utilize refined glass vases? Your personal style and taste will be the defining factor of what decor is seen on your side table or coffee table.

Our visual merchandiser, Drew, skillfully creates unique and inviting spaces. He shares a few tools to apply when adding decor to an area table.

1 Bring in items that reflect light to brighten a dark space. “I chose copper and boxwood to bring light in contrast to the dark brown sofa.”

2 Candles are always great for any space allowing a tranquil and calming atmosphere. Take it upon your own liberty to use two candles or six of alternating sizes.

3 A contrasting color can be utilized as well to appeal to the eye such as the green wreath accessories.

1 Pick up underlying tones that are within sofas or chairs when choosing a decor route. "I love how the green and gold tones enhance the colors of the sofa; they play well off of one another."

2 Use objects that you have lying around the house such as ornate books to provide dimension and interest. "Everyone has books lying around, not just for reading. I decided to stack a few books and vintage buoys to add character and catch sunlight. Simple is more."

3 This decor arrangement caters more towards a classy and refined taste.

1 Textures are so much fun and can also be utilized within table decor. A lot of texture is applied to this particular arrangement; however, it remains elegant.

2 Need a space that geers more towards a masculine feel? Voila! The distressed wood and metal cater towards a rugged personality. "I love these ink dot armchairs! I wanted to bring forth the warm and cool colors in the chairs for the tabletop decor. I used a metal base round table with a mercury mirror top. The centerpiece has a great deal of texture; rope, copper, and galvanized orbs to fill in a rustic wooden tray."

3 Be sure to locate ornate objects of unique materials to incorporate within coffee table or side table decor. Your guests and family are sure to adore your unique selection.

Thanks Drew for your expertise and beautifully crafted decor pieces. For more tips and help from Drew, contact him at

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