Farmhouse Classic

Nadine Brown, a new resident of Birmingham and also a new member of the Urban Home team is orginally from Chicago. She explains, "My love for interior design began around the age of thirteen watching my mom constantly rearrange and stage furniture in our home."

Though Nadine knew her passion was in interior design, she sought after a different path becoming immersed in corporate sales for twenty-six years. "I knew it wasn't what I wanted in my life as a career, so at the age of forty-five I pursued my dream of becoming an interior designer."

In order to reach the goal of her clients, Nadine explains that it is imperative to understand the function of their space as well as knowing their style. The main design aestetic that Nadine uses she calls "Farmhouse Classic". A design aestetic that is warm, inviting, and comfortable. Utilizing natural elements such as wood, and organic greenery brings about a nurturing atmosphere that should be in a home. No one wants a beautiful home that is uncomfortable. She strives to bring about the feeling of the outdoors in. Majority of her clients also seek this design aestetic in their homes; however, if they are unsure of what they're looking for, she introduces it to them!

"I love this horse painting. I strive to incorporate a pop of black in every room as well as bring a sense of the outdoors in. I have also noticed numerous horse farms in neighboring areas which would make this beauty resonate with families here in Birmingham!"

"This chandalier is both rustic and refined; basically a sum of my design aestetic. Adding the rustic feel of the reclaimed wood and bling from light fixtures compliment each other very well. I absolutely love reclaimed wood...I want this piece in my own home!"