High-Fashion Runways to Homes

For centuries, the home furnishings industry has adopted trends and color inspiration from the fashion industry. A prime example of this can be seen during eighteenth century France. An art/interiors style known as Rococo was very abundant among France's high society and became about due to the illustrious eighteenth century fashion trends; spearheaded by then Queen of France, Marie Antionette. It may seem questionable as to how these two industrys correlate, but it is a good thing they do.

In the past, fashion has always been five to six years ahead of home interiors; however recently the time line has decreased. The gap between the two has lessened, and fashion trends seen in the fashion industry are arriving in homes around the world two years and even two seasons after showcased on the runway.

Urban Home strives to stay true to its design aestetic while also providing pieces to our clients that correlate with current trends. The tricky thing to remember with trends, whether it be in fashion or in home, is that they usually fade from six months to a year. This does not mean you shouldn't include trendy pieces in your home for this year's spring season, it simply means there is a certain way to eloquently do so without the sense of buyer's remorse or breaking the bank. A great way to incorporate current interior style are through accessories and items that are current and will be current for years to come. We have created a few "fashion-interior" comparisons that are currently in stock at Urban Home Market ready to grace the mantles, side tables, and dining rooms of Birmingham homes this Spring.

Happy Spring trend decorating! If you still have a few questions or are in complete and utter confusion after reading this blog post, be sure to visit Urban Home Market to consult with our state-of-the-art interior designers.

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