Simplify your Look, Simplify your Life

We are barely a week into the New Year, and many of you may be feeling down about the resolutions of your exercise routine or that waist synching diet. For once, my resolution did not involve dropping a pound, but better yet, simplifying my life. We live in a world of such clutter and noise. I decided this year to achieve a better balance, I would invest time in throwing out things I no longer need and focusing more on enjoying what I love, whether it is in my home, wardrobe, or even my everyday life. Starting with simplifying my look, I hope to simplify my life.

To do so, I started asking all the designers at Urban Home Market, How can we create a look that is beautiful but not overwhelming to the eye? Where are we “over doing” it in our home and how can we improve it? The answer-- accessories. Which makes perfect sense, they are fun, cute, sometimes gifted, and before we know it, we have accumulated so much. Our coffee tables end up covered where we have tried to style them nicely with random remotes, books, and become just another surface. Case goods we are less likely to just stick things on, but over the years they become cluttered, a new picture added here and there, or a new piece to add to a collection.

All of these are nice, and I don't think you should throw out everything and restart, but reorganize and rethink what we really want around. So here are a few tips to help you get a simple but beautiful look for your space.

Coffee Table


This coffee table started out great! We had all of the elements-- metallics, texture, greenery, beautiful books and cool containers. The space is open, but I can just imagine over time, without a defined focal point, I would just keep adding to it in search of it.

This coffee table is pretty large, it needs a smaller space on the huge surface. A tray works great for confining a space dedicated to accessories. We love the big feather arrangement but it would work much better on a side board or in an entry way. On your coffee table, you want to be able to see your TV or maybe the person across from you. A candle is much better suited than a large arrangement.


We kept the small plant to keep it bright and lively, but there is plenty of room to kick up your feet and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Case Good


This case good is beautiful but a bit overwhelming, and busy. We love family photos and would never discourage taking those away, but all of the frames lined up don't allow you or your friends to enjoy them as much. All of these shelves are also lacking two major things, a variation of heights (it helps the eye to move throw the case) and open space!

These new shelves have kept your books but added some new textures with certain items, and we have done away with so many small pieces here and there.

The jar we took out all the heavy pieces and use floral stems for a light and airy open look.


We kept the frames but moved them onto different selves. We took out the greenery and kept earthy tones on all shelves, will still using natural elements like the stones and the petrified wood. The open look seems much more organized and lets you enjoy your accessories.

Bonus Tip: If you are a collector using a case to display, that works, but make sure to contain your collection to one book case not scattering it throughout the house. It will make a great conversation piece!

This is just one of the many steps to help you improve your home in 2016! Make sure to follow our page for more tips for your home!

From our home to yours!

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