Emily's Favorite Accessories

We're well into January and are so excited to have just returned from market

with accessories being at the front of our mind! Accessories are the details that really bring your home together and complete your style. We showed you how to cozy up your home with accessories in "5 Ways to Warm your Home this Fall" and gave you our top picks for the new year with Lisa and Shannon. Designer, Emily, known for her stylish but functional look, has now taken on the challenge of choosing her five favorite accessories of the moment.

Our store is constantly changing and new accessories are continuously arriving. Today, she has her favorite accessories in the spotlight with ideas of where and how to use them. As a bonus, she showed us how to combine the different styles of the accessories into one room, flawlessly.

You wouldn't leave your home without your earrings, why leave your rooms without their accessories?

1. A Traditional Finial

"This accessory is architectural and distressed and great for a bookshelf or side table. It would also work well in a bedroom."

2. Gold Lantern

"This gives you a little glamour. It's outdoor inspired, but not rustic. It's more modern with a little sparkle."

3. Concrete Containers

"These more modern pieces are great because they are very versatile and functional. Great for a dining room table as elevations or for a coffee table to hide the remotes."

4. Pottery

"I love pottery it adds the more 'homey' element. It can be imperfect but will warm up your kitchen counter."

5. Contemporary Art with a Metallic Touch

"It's abstract and simple, there is also a nice example of mixing metals, touches of silver and gold."

"By combining these different pieces, you have a room that is functional, trendy, and warm."

Look for new accessories at Urban Home Market and new blog post in the coming weeks!

From our home to yours.

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