2015 Holiday Gift Guide

We are just a few weeks from Christmas! We have our decorations up and are trying to get everything ready before family and Christmas morning arrive. Those of you who are holiday experts have found all of your gifts and started wrapping, but for those who are still just getting started shopping, Urban is here to help! We present our 2015 Holiday Gift guide!

1. POM POM At Home Sleeping Mask $37

This sleeping mask is made from organic linen and is super soft and light making it a great gift for the most elegant of your friends!

2. Coasters $14-$23

Coasters are a great gift that are personal but can also go for a "Secret Santa" gift for the co-worker you may not know so well. These with initials are also great for any newlyweds you know!

Initial Coasters $22.50

3. Measuring Cups

This set is too cute and functional. It's a great gift for the baker in your family or friend group!

4. Agate Stone $98

If you haven't seen this yet...you will! In frames, as coasters, bookends, and on stands these stones are everywhere! They are beautiful for desk and bookshelves, and are perfect for every home.

5. Magnifying Glass $20

With the study theme in mind, what better for a desk than a beautiful magnifying glass. It's a great accessory that could come into use!

6. Hand Wash and Lotion $23 ea.

Looking for sets? This is a great one! Also there are candles that go along with it!

7. Urban Home Candle $21

Candle Snuffer $5

Speaking of Candles...this gift is great for those who love Urban Home Market as much as we do!

8. Mongolian Lamb Fur Pillow $124

Looking for a fabulous gift for your most glamourous friend? These fur pillows are it! In grey and white, once you pick these stylish pillows up, you will find it's hard to put them down!

9. Small Rugs $45 - $70

These are great for an entry way or bathroom! A perfect and beautiful gift for someone with a new home!

10. Knit Blanket $175

This is a POM POM as well, meaning it is organic and also knitted by hand. If you are looking for something special, and you are not the most crafy this is it!

11. Fur Throw $108

While we may have used this blanket as a table setting its also great for cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie!

12. Ornaments $7 - $20

Ornaments are probably one of the best gifts you can give as a present. They can be extremely personal or just beautiful. Either way, you know that for years to come your gift will be recognized every year on someone's tree!

Also...they are 25% OFF at Urban right now!

From our home to yours, Happy Holidays!

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