Shannon & Lisa's Picks for the New Year!

New Year means a new you! We always arrive at the end of the year, and think to ourselves what a great time to change our life, do something new. Whether you choose to join a gym, set time aside to read a book, or just resolve to be more positive every day, the goal is to better yourself. At Urban, we believe working to make your house your home, is a great goal to set. However, taking on a project like re-doing an entire room can be too overwhelming and difficult on your bank account right after the holidays. So instead, our designers, Shannon and Lisa have 7 pieces to invest in this year to give your rooms an update.

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1. Start from the floor working your way up with a new rug!

When thinking about updating a room in your home, one of the most significant changes can be the floor, more specifically a new rug. This is going to be one of your bigger investments probably, but it doesn't always have to be. Rugs are going to have large range of prices.

However, something to consider is to go with a more graphic print on your rug!

"The subtle graphic prints breaks away from popularity [a natural rug]." -Lisa

"I love rugs, they are the first piece I would change in a room." -Shannon

2. Artwork

Art is a great addition to all rooms, and it's not going to break your budget.

Paintings are something you can easily incorporate with any room in your home.

"This is where you incorporate colors you already have. Everybody needs an abstract

piece." -Lisa

"Art is an easy addition, and it makes a statement." - Shannon

3. A new table with a classic style.

This small table is great for many different spaces. this will update a part of your room but will be easy to add to your existing pieces.

"The iron and marble makes for a very classic look, and could be great by a sofa in a powder room and even could be an outside piece." - Lisa

"Any iron table with a marble top is great. A larger table for an entry way piece would really set a tone for your home." - Shannon

4. Lighting is everything.

Lighting can make such a difference in your home and with so many options it's hard

not to update.

"This chandelier is a more open shape and would be perfect for a breakfast room or a

study." - Lisa

"I love the architectural elements of these lamps, they are darker and more substantial."

- Shannon

5. End Chairs

After using your dining room all throughout the holidays, you may be wanting to change it up, but don't replace everything! Add new end chairs.

"An end chair has great details and is more substantial."-Lisa

"It [end chair] has the ability to entirely change the style of your room." - Shannon

6. A great accessory!

If you have read our blog, you have seen these-- on stands, as coasters, framed, and as bookends, and the reason is simple, they are great!

"It's an organic accessory that mirrors art." -Lisa

"It is a great natural element. No two stones are the same. " -Shannon

7. Fur

It's good to have your basics, but it is important also to give into trends. This year we are all about the fur! Pillows and throws, we want them all!

"A little fur goes a long way." -Lisa

"Fur adds texture and its trendy." -Shannon

These pieces are a great way to start of your new year, and great inspiration for you inner decorator. At Urban our goal is to help you with what you need, whether it be a new lamp or an entire new room, our team is here to assist you. We can't wait to start the new year and look forward to working with you all!

From our home to yours!

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