One Year of Urban Home Market

Just a little more than a year ago today, what we all know and love as Urban Home Market was a store front covered in dust from construction. The dust was cleaned only to be replaced by a mess of boxes that would soon consume the store. With the hard work of the Urban Team and an ever ticking time clock, Urban Home Market began to come to life.

After taking a quick moment to snap a staff Christmas photo, the team was up and ready for opening day, December 19th. The first month and a half flew by with precious few moments to take a breath. February came and so did Urban Home Market’s Grand Opening. We celebrated and had our official ribbon cutting where we were surrounded by friends, family and people we would soon come to know as loyal customers. At this time it had become normal for large shipments in containers to arrive helping fill the spaces on the floor where merchandise just wouldn’t stay.

Spring brought warmer temperatures and bundles of color to the store. And by May, Kathy and other staff members were able to venture out of the store for special events. We enjoyed the opportunity of being in Alabama Symphony’s Spring Decorator Show house and had the pleasure of helping the Greystone Ladies’ club create floral arrangements for their home. As Urban made it through what we thought might be a slower season (we were wrong!), we found ourselves growing and expanding into an entire lighting section by August.

In October, our ever evolving store changed again. Christmas came early this year and in a big way, with preparation for our Holiday Open House. For a week straight, we left work covered in glitter and realizing Halloween had not arrived yet. But when everyone showed up awestruck by our holiday décor, it was worth it. At Thanksgiving, we took a much needed rest and were beyond thankful for the support we have received so far.

And with the blink of an eye, we had made it to the beginning of December, and couldn’t believe where the time had gone as many of us do when we make it to the holidays. Urban Home Market was back to the starting line ready for lap two. We are still learning, and our journey so far has been far from smooth along the way, but as you continue to support us, we will only strive to do better. Thanks to you we have made it through one year of Urban.

Happy Holidays to you all!

From our home to yours,

The Urban Team

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