Creating Your Perfect Centerpiece

Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any special event that brings a group of people together, it is a time of celebration. A time to sit down for a meal, maybe a bottle of wine, and actually take a moment to relax and enjoy one another’s company. Celebrations can be informal or formal, but the cause for event gives a need for decoration to mark the occasion. And, what better way is there to set the mood than surrounding a table with warm light and seasonal fare?

As we approach this holiday season, we prepare to invite family and friends into our home, and part of preparation is creating a welcoming environment for conversation and good times. To help you out, we have created a list of elements to consider while you are shopping or decorating that will help you create your perfect tablescape. So, starting with pulling a few different pieces from the floor, we wanted to show you how to use these components to create something beautiful.

1. The View

Before you even start putting a centerpiece together, you will need to consider the view. Centerpieces don’t have to be just on tables, they can also go on side tables, buffets, and mantles. If it is going to be on a table though, you want to consider all angles of your centerpiece.

2. The Vessel

Choosing your vase is going to set the style of the table. We used a natural wood container and then chose more rustic and natural elements to surround the table. When you select your vessel, you have chosen the theme of your centerpiece, because it will become the focal point.

3. Balance

Balance can be tricky, because it is more of a personal preference. There are two types of balance, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Whichever you choose, the key is to find balance. Here, we did this by creating more height on the left side of the table and a more volume on the right side. Creating balance can be difficult and takes some time and you may have to move around some pieces, but your instinct will know when it’s just right. Also using odd numbers is nearly always more successful.

4. Color & Texture

Your colors are going to coordinate with you season. A floral arrangement, brings in detail to your centerpiece. It's going to give texture and color to your table. There are so many different types of arrangements that it is just a whole other post. We opted to use mushrooms instead of flowers and stems with small willow leaves as well as tallow berry stems instead of greenery. With the amount of detail the small stems provide you need to make sure you have a larger floral as you’re the focal point or the amount of texture and detail can be overwhelming.

Using these different elements to put together your table’s centerpiece will help you to create more than a table for your special occasion.—you will have created atmosphere. And of course if you get stuck, we, at Urban, are always here to help get ready for this busy season.

From our home to yours!

Don's miss Part II of Creating Your Perfect Centerpiece! We will show you how to transition from your Fall/ Thanksgiving in Christmas.

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