Transitioning your Table from Thanksgiving to Christmas

It's just two days after Thanksgiving, but even with leftovers piled high in the fridge and bellies still full, we have suddenly thrown ourselves into Christmas. Most of you have started pulling out your decorations, radio stations have full switched to holiday tunes, and Christmas is upon us. As ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas, will soon begin to play in the background, our homes will slowly become filled with Christmas spirit. While putting up some decorations can take time, re-setting your table does not have to!

Following our Thanksgiving setting (If you missed "Creating Your Perfect Centerpiece" Click the link.), we used the same bases to start and traded our fall decor for something a little more festive. By changing the details only, you will have a entirely new centerpiece ready for family again this Christmas. Here's how we changed this:

| to Christmas |

Disassembling our table setting was the easiest way to start.

We kept our bases (the candleholders, vessel, and wood blocks in a similar set up. Adding greenery first with pine and magnolia. We also took gold and silver metallic trees in replacement of two of the candles. Keeping candles would work, but we wanted to add a little metallic for the holidays!

If you introduce a new element, like the metallic trees, it has to continue through your centerpiece, we used battery-operated ornaments and rustic reindeer with glitter.