Transitional with a Touch of Glamour

At the age of 21, Kristin found herself jumping right into a career. Traveling across the US with Southern Living Magazine was quite the dream for a first job. After attending Auburn University and majoring in Corporate Journalism, she had her first taste of interiors while working with Southern Living and has since made a profession of it. Before coming to work at Urban, she had her own line of refurbished furniture with her husband, but as her family grew she decided to slow down a bit.

“I like the defined hours for productivity,” she says of her choice to no longer work from home. And with three young boys, home can be hectic. Having a family has definitely motivated her style as well. “I used to describe myself as transitional with a touch of glamour,” she remembers. However with family, her style has become more simplistic while keeping its elegant feel.

From the time she meets with a client she works hard to understand their style and needs. Living in a world where so many options are at your fingertips and clients have exposure to some many different looks, it can be difficult.

“I feel one of my main jobs is to help narrow down and give choices that will fall seamlessly together,” she continues, “even taking them fabric shopping gives a good base. When you have a jumping off point, you can’t go wrong.”

This piece is a great abstract piece that really speaks to Kristin's style. With a touch of gold for the glamourous feel and muted earthy tones, it is large enough to make a statement.

"I would love to see that painting in a room with this rug!"

"I love the opposing textures and lines of these chairs. They are simple but not like every other chair."

"This table is a little more modern and minimalistic. It has the sophistication and glamour with the marble and brass."

"[When I am designing] I try for equal parts of beautiful, sentimental value, and purpose, more than just choosing what looks best."

To make an appointment with Kristin, you can email her at or call the store at 205.980.4663!

From our home to yours!

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