5 Ways to Warm Your Home this Fall!

It's that time of year again... the leaves are beginning to change, and scarves and jackets are pulled from the back of the closet in the hopes of cooler temperatures. After enduring months of Alabama heat, it is now time for warm rich colors and football. We find ourselves moving indoors to spend time with friends and family especially as we approach the holiday season. To help prepare you for a fall of family, friends, and fun here are a few simple ways to cozy up your home!

1. Use Rich Fabrics

Fall is full of beautiful colors. These are bold colors that you may want to use as accents. Playing with fabrics like these for throw pillows is a great way to add subtle hints of color and help give you the warm feeling for the season!

2. Bring Out the Cozy Throws

There is nothing more ideal than snuggling in a warm blanket as it gets colder! So, it’s perfect that chunky knit blankets are huge right now! This is a trend we are truly excited about!

3. Light a Candle

We may not be without power but why not keep the lights a little dimmer and let the candles burn! There’s nothing better than a little fire to warm up at room. And for those of you concerned about a fire hazard, we have the best alternative in electric wax candles.

4. Natural Elements

Natural Elements are great all year. However, in the fall, there are a few we would certainly recommend such as cotton vines and pine cones! Magnolia Leaves are great as well, and pumpkins can make any setting festive!

5. A Seasonal Accessory

This is your chance to do something a little quirky! We love these feathers and you can incorporate them with natural elements. They will look great and definitely make a statement without being over the top!

Using any, or all of these ideas is going to give your home that comfy feel you want as we gather with friends and family during this season!

From our home to yours!

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