Personal & Unique

From the time she was young,

Angela enjoyed exploring homes and thinking about what a space could be.

"I have always been creative," Angela remembers. Her love of art began in high school and she went to college with the intention to be an Interior Designer.

"I considered changing to Architecture, but Interiors was more personal to me." Which, the two did go hand in hand. She began her career working in commercial Interior Design and then at an architectural design firm in Birmingham. Her time there also really influenced her design process.

With a style that is unique and individual, Angela likes to think through an entire design. Starting from the beginning and working backwards, she approaches a new project, asking what the clients don't like. This leaves her with the opportunity to find out what they know they like and what they could love.

"I like to get to know my clients personally," she continues, "it helps them [and me] realize their vision." As a designer, she feels the most joy when someone walks into the room they have just completed and are truly happy.

"The personal [of my style] is about it being personal with the clients."

"I love this piece! The wood is natural-- it doesn't look manufactured, all the textures differ and the wood grain doesn't match."

"Start with your kitchen and living room...take one step at a time so you won't get overwhelmed because it is easy to."

When meeting with a client looking for new furniture/upholstery, Sunbrella is a go to for Angela because of the quality and the ability to clean it. "It's one of the biggest discussions when ordering upholstery," she says of Sunbrella Fabric, "it gives piece of mind."

By using older pieces and incorporating the new, Angela goes for the personal touch. "Older pieces add character [to a room]."

To get in touch or set up an appointment with Angela, you can email her at or call our store, (205)-980-4663!

From our home to yours!

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