Traditional with a Touch of Modern

For as long as Shannon can remember, she has been in decorating.

"We would joke, [Mom] ​let’s not redecorate, let's just move," she remembers about her mother constantly redecorating her home. “It was a hobby for my mom." Shannon often found herself helping her mom but did not originally make it her career. Eventually though, she found herself back in school and earning a degree in Interior Design.

Shannon considers her style to be traditional with a touch of modern.

"The most frustrating thing about myself is I try to be different," she laughs, "But less is more." She encourages clients to go with their initial instinct instead of constantly looking for something different. The best is to keep it simple.

As a designer, Shannon likes to start from the ground and work her way up. Beginning with the rug gives texture and sets the tone of the room. Rugs, pillows, and window treatments are different pieces, because they will be replaced before the furniture is.

"Your taste and needs are going to change," Shannon believes. But, she loves to keep natural elements in the house. "[These elements] remind you were you have been, where everything comes from. That's important."

Starting with the floor is how you set a tone for your room. She loves a variety of rugs and the range they offer from natural fiber rugs to thick shag rugs. "Think-- a shaggy rug, it gives relaxation, it's cozy."

"I love the texture of natural wood and elements. I prefer a circular table-- it’s much more intimate."

Again, Shannon is a huge fan of natural elements like cotton vines; especially if you are in an apartment or condo without a yard. "Bring in things you don't always have access to."

Shannon is not your average interior designer; she loves being outside and is an avid wake surfer during her time off. She craves that sense of being different and uses accessories to show this.

As a painter herself, Shannon loves this piece, "If you were going to describe me, this is it."

To schedule an appointment with Shannon you can email her at or call our store 205.980.4663!

From our home to yours!

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