"Taking Old Things, Making Them New"

With many years of experience and multiple successful start-ups, owner of Urban Home Market, Kathy McMahon has stayed true to one simple concept, "taking old things and making them new."

Kathy graduated with a degree in Interior Design and began in Florida, where she worked and raised her two girls for 20 years. After moving to Birmingham, she opened Past Perfect, a furniture retail space. She owned this business for 5 years, and then decided to change her ever- busy life.

"I decided I wanted to take a break," she says of her choice to sell. As a business woman in her heart and head, this did not stick. Kathy then decided to take on a new venture and the idea of Renaissance Consignment was born.

Renaissance, Urban Home Market's sister store, started as a small high-end second hand store. Recently, however as the store expanded and grew, Kathy decided to involve more of what she originally loved, furniture. As they stocked the store with furniture, it was extremely well received. Kathy realized there was a market not being fulfilled. This was her opportunity to again work with interiors. And so began the months of planning and pulling a new team together.

In mid-December of last year, Urban Home Market opened its doors and in the process of planning became much more than a retail space, which had first been envisioned. The space transformed and continues to evolve into an overall experience, offering a full-time design team, a design center, a retail store, and so much more.

Weekly meetings are used to promote a work environment that strives to continue learning and improving the team's skill and knowledge.

Adding unique details throughout the store help to create an atmosphere that adds to the experience of shopping at Urban Home Market.

When planning the store, 100 year old brick from a cotton gin in the area was used to create one of the focal points of the store.

All these elements are what Kathy chose to make Urban Home Market flourish.

"I love taking something from scratch and building it into something amazing," Kathy says.

"I love the challenge of starting a new business."

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