5 Reasons to Buy Norwalk Furniture

Choosing furniture can be an adventure. It’s an investment and most people want to find upholstery they know will last. Searching through brands as you try to stay at your price point can sometimes be a pretty time consuming process. We at Urban Home Market have a few personal favorites, Norwalk being one of them. So, here are a few reasons Norwalk Furniture just might be the right brand for you!

  1. Norwalk has tons of fabric! (And almost all are kept in-stock)

As a company, Norwalk has hundreds of fabrics to choose from. They offer linen, leather, different prints, solid colors, and they fall under a very wide range of price points making the brand affordable. On top of the great selection, they keep these fabrics in-stock in their warehouse, allowing their turnaround time to be quicker than other companies. They also want their sofas to be extremely functional, so they carry Sunbrella Fabrics and Crypton fabrics. These two fabrics are great quality but also extremely easy to clean.

2. What’s in a name? Custom….

Norwalk’s revival in 2008 came with a name change to Norwalk Custom Order Furniture, and they mean it. Like I was saying there are tons of different fabrics, as well as, a large number of frames. Their customization program is next to limitless. So, in the end, you’ll end up with exactly what you want.

3. Their core values are way ahead of the time.

The company prides themselves on localism and sustainability. While these concepts aren’t all that new, very few companies have truly committed themselves like Norwalk. The furniture is almost completely “Made in America” and they are strive to make high quality products with a long life span.

Which leads us to our next point….

4. An easy to understand warranty

“This is our promise to you, the original purchaser, that each piece of Norwalk Furniture Upholstery will be free from manufacturing defects, provided the furniture is used in a residential application.” (Norwalkfurniture.com)

Of course restrictions apply to this, but the warranty is straightforward and one page. They keep it simple.

5. Don’t call it a comeback—but you actually kind of can.

Over a century ago, a small upholstery company by the name of Galpin and Gerkin was founded in Ohio. After 20 years in business, the company was renamed to Norwalk Upholstery Company, but the company took a two decade hiatus from furniture to contribute to the World War II effort as a war-materials production facility. The company returned in the 50’s it the furniture industry and continued to pass leadership down from son to son. The business went through a few more name changes but continued to succeed and eventually franchised. In 2008, when economic difficulties hit, the company ran into financial struggles. However, twelve local families, who truly believed in Norwalk, bought the company and have since revived it to the now Norwalk Custom Order Furniture. Norwalk was pretty much the company that refused to quit.

From our home to yours!

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