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"It's who I am," Lisa simply states when asked how she decided she wanted a career in Interior Design. "It's the same as someone wanting to go to Med School or Law School," she says of her instinct to be a designer. Even as a child Lisa constantly changed her room and magazines piled up while looking for something new. After 20 years of experience in interiors, she still maintains excitement for the next challenge.

Following graduation, being a mom was Lisa's top priority, so the beginning of her career was slow to launch.

"I started with friends and family," she reminisces. Urban Home Market has been her first time working as a designer in a retail space, and she has enjoyed working alongside other designers and having the chance to help one another.

"[As a designer] I like cleaner-- neutrals, and I always have. Timeless, classic, but an edge here and there,” she believes, in comparison to other designers.

When first meeting with clients she likes to hear their thoughts on what they like and always considers how their style actually works for their lifestyle. To help, she is an avid Pinterest user and loves to get her clients involved in collecting imagery. However over time she realized, "sometimes it doesn't translate. In design school they said 'look in their closets'," she laughs, "That works for me!"

The first piece she picks up is sitting right next to her. "Always decorate with books, coffee table books or leather bound-- have books!" she says of her accessories of choice.

Functional coffee tables are the only way to go. What’s the point if you can’t kick up your feet at the end of the day? "I sold one to a client," she remembers being so fond of it, "I then bought [the same] one for myself."

Classic Dining Room Chairs, they can really make a difference if you are one who has a big family or loves to have company over. "You want something you can just pull into the living room-- during parties they will look like accent chairs and give you more seating."

Menswear prints are also something she loves to use. Generally attracted to neutrals these prints provide for some variation. "Herringbone, pin stripe-- all prints used in menswear have always fascinated me [for interiors]."

To get in touch or set up an appointment with Lisa you can email her at Lisa@urbanhomemarket.com or call our store, (205)-980-4663!

From our home to yours!

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