A Simple Guide to Buying Bulbs

Ever go to switch on a light and find yourself still sitting in darkness? Of course, at some point you have replaced a bulb. So-- you go to the store and walk down an aisle of bulbs that are a different shape, size, color, brand, and kind, and there is a huge variation in price. If you are like me, you might just grab a bulb because of the price or maybe something recognizable like the watts.

Today, there are multiple types of bulbs and all have their pros and cons depending on your lifestyle (and yes, that does matter when you choose something as simple as a bulb.) To make it easy to know what you want, we have compiled a list of bulb types and their attributes to help you find the best lighting for your space.

Incandescent Bulbs

This is the most common light bulb used and generally last from 700-1000 hours. Because it has the shortest expected life span, it is also the least expensive. With a warm tone to it can be used almost anywhere, however, it is not energy efficient.

Pro: This bulb is inexpensive.

Con: It is not energy efficient.

Halogen Bulbs

As a variation of an incandescent bulb, this light is also less expensive and has a life span of approximately 1000-1250 hours.