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Her design career began with a burlap wall. It was the 70's, when rich colors filled wardrobes and living rooms and shag carpets were "all the rage." Emily was 12 and facing the ultimate design task, redecorating her room.

"I had just moved into our basement," she mused. Orange ran across one wall and posters of the Partridge Family filled the burlap wall. Even as a tween, Emily designed with purpose in mind.

After finishing Design School Emily's life changed. She became a part-time, freelance designer and full-time mother. She continued to design even as her family grew--mostly for friends and referrals. It wasn't until she moved to Tennessee, she began work for a furniture retailer that also offered design services, similar to Urban Home Market.

As a designer, she believes getting to know the individual she is designing for is important, but understanding their lifestyle is key, especially when it comes to a home with kids.

"It sounds crazy, but I always ask, do they eat on the furniture?" she laughs. Emily continues to question clients to understand, is it dinner, is it snacking? "You can't have a can of Spaghetti-O's on a white linen sofa." Emily's goal is to design a stylish room that is still functional. If it doesn't fit their day-to-day needs, she believes, "No matter what I see [for the room], they won't be happy."

As a go-to sofa, Emily loves this Mayo piece and styled this area with rich complimentary colors--plum and saffron. "This sofa is a nice size and shape. It's very traditional with a traditional coffee table, but seems more contemporary with others [pieces]. It's very versatile."

Emily believes as a designer, accessories are where you can have the most fun. She loves to start with natural pieces. "You need warmth in a room. I also like juxtaposition, something natural and something a little glittery."

A Jute Rug is also a piece she can't stay away from, as she has one in her own home! "People love the price and versatility of this rug. It brings texture and warmth, again."

Even as she grows as a designer, she still holds a love for neutrals accented with rich colors.

"I guess the 70's kind of stuck with me."

Emily has been at Urban Home Market from the beginning, To set up an appointment with Emily you can email, or call our store at (205)-980-4663.

From our home to yours!

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