Enjoy A Piece of History

By all standards we are a young country trekking our way to our 250th birthday. We are the great experiment of democracy and independence. And although when compared to other countries, we are still in infancy, our country's roots run deep and long in faith, pride of country, independence, and innovation.

From the earliest days of farming and encouraging the earth to produce a harvest that we needed to survive, we built barns to store our food for a later time of need. Many of those old barns have out-lived their usefulness for farmers and have long since been torn down to make way for newer storage facilities.

Now, those old barn boards with their lovely wood grains and earthy tones are making their way into our homes in a completely re-purposed way. We crave the old wood, whether it comes from a barn or a crumbly aged house. Maybe it's the longing for a piece of our historic past, our roots, that bends our hearts to these old pieces of forgotten wood or maybe it's just because these treasures are harder to find that makes us search for them. These days it seems everyone is looking for the character and natural quality of these earthen planks.

The savvy buyer is seeking re-claimed pine, old fir, and ancient doors that are re-made into dining tables, side boards, and even fashioned into media cabinets. Of increasing interest is the entertainment center that houses a television tucked behind old bar doors on a track system. The track system holds the doors that can easily close or open depending on whether or not you want to watch television or just look at your uniquely crafted piece of furniture.

I think it transports us to a by-gone era. We want a piece of the "old" days and this aged wood gives us the opportunity to participate in that era without all the inconveniences. We look at our re-claimed table and appreciate the farmer who once stored food in his barn and now we gather to eat around the wood that once housed it. We take pride in our roots as a country and are thankful that we still live in a free land where we can fly the American Flag in celebration of our independence.

We are indeed independent and innovative. Who else would think to take worn-out doors and create a media cabinet with them? Or used-up boards from a barn and create a useful, beautiful table? So, enjoy a piece of history. It could be in a room you call home right now.

*This article was originally published in the July 2015 issue of Shelby Living.

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