LOGAN SPEARS – designer


What is your hometown? 

Birmingham, I was raised right here in 35242. I love that Birmingham gives you a sense of community all while also giving you the feel of living in a large city. It's been amazing to see downtown development in the last couple of years with an influx of small and locally owned businesses.

What's on you your coffee table right now?

Currently on my coffee table is Paloma Contreras' coffee table book "Dream, Design, Live." I also have four hand-painted coasters that are green, navy, and tan. I was tired of everything being neutral, so I opted for adding little pops of color throughout my living room. Lastly, I have a small vase with synthetic olive branches in it. My talents do not include keeping any type of plant alive, so I typically opt for synthetic, but that can just be our secret, right?

What do you love most about working at Urban?

I love working at Urban Home Market because it gives me the opportunity to express my creativity all while being able to help clients achieve their vision for their home. I love getting to form relationships with people every day and being able to ensure their satisfaction; I am grateful that Urban gives me the platform to do so.